Following in the English tradition, original H&H side-lock with integrated safety catch-bar to prevent a double discharge, bolstered sides and extended top and bottom straps.  Chopperlumb barrels made of the highest grade chrome steel. Stock made to fit using exhibition grade Circassian walnut in an exquisite oil finish.


17 HMR up to 700NE


  • H&H sidelock action (back-action with itegrated safety catchbar) extended top strap and trigger guard, double underlug lungs and Purdey nose, removable striker discs, automatic ejectors, manual safety.


  • Double trigger,with hinged front trigger (or set trigger )


  • Chopperlumb barrels of highest quality chrome steel, 1/3 rib, wide V-rear sight with one or more folding leaves, bead foresight, regulated to stipulated range and bullet weight.


  • Custom made of Circassian walnut burr, round cheekpiece, Old-Englisch red recoil pad (covered in leather on request), exquisite oil-finisch.


  • Mounted scope, metal pistol grip cap, bullet magazine in stock, slingswivels, octagonal barrels…